Staff (2013-2014)

The Director:

Rosie Morrow-Okon - 2013-2014 DirectorHello, my name is Rosie, the ASUW Student Health Consortium Director for the 2013-2014 academic year. I’m very excited to work with everyone in ASUW and the Pre-Health communities here on campus, as well as promote general student health! Below I’ve listed out my goals for this year and a brief intro so you can get to know me a little better. If you have any concerns, questions, ideas, etc. feel free to visit my new office in the HUB (in the 131A suite, shared with ASUW A+E) or get a hold of me via e-mail (

My goals for SHC during 2013-2014:

1. Increase the visibility of SHC at the University of Washington campus and specifically in the Pre-Health community;

2. Create meaningful programming to increase awareness of health issue prevalent to the University of Washington;

3. Build stronger relationships between Pre-Health registered student organizations (RSOs) and SHC, between Pre-Health individuals and between SHC and other ASUW entities;

4. Continue to move and reorganize the Student Health Consortium into a Public Health entity for the University of Washington

The Deputy Director:


 Albert Ng

Year: Sophomore






Introducing: The 2013-2014 Student Health Consortium Intern Team!


From left to right: Top row – Director, Rosie Morrow-Okon; Jamie Mackiewicz; Simon Casson; Kristin Liu; Aileen Isakharova; Deputy Director Albert Ng. Bottow row – Sharon Pan; Linda Yang; Sophie Weingarten; Carly Wright; Erica Alcantara.

The 2013-2014 SHC interns were selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants in October 2013. With a wide array of majors, interests, and passions, this team has strengthened the entity immensely by adding their unique ideas and talents to the programming we do. SHC interns work on a wide variety of tasks, from specific running programming jobs, planning and volunteering at events, meeting with RSO leaders, and creating their own unique programming. They did an incredible job implementing the 2013 Pre-Health Affair, the 2014 Everybody Every Body Fashion Show, and every single one of their Spring quarter programs – from planning, decorating, volunteering, setting up, and tearing down. The 2013-2014 intern team is an integral part of making SHC bigger and better than ever before.

The Interns:

Kristin Liu

Year: Senior

Major: Environmental Health

Fun Fact: I know entirely too much pop culture for my own good.

I was first interested in SHC because I recently realized that I have a strong passion for promoting health within the community whether it is in a college campus or neighborhood or city. I wanted to be part of a group of passionate students who also had the same interest in helping students realize how important mental, physical, and emotional health is for their current and future well-being. During my remaining time at UW, I hope to provide students with information on how to be (and stay) healthy while living on their own and create forums where any and all questions regarding sex can be asked and answered. In the future, I would love to further promote sex education, healthy lifestyles, mental health, etc. to the general community.

Carly Wright

Year: Senior

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Fun Fact: I have been on a hot air balloon ride!

I wanted to get involved with SHC because I have always had a passion for health and this seemed like a perfect fit! I am interested in educating the UW student community about general health and wellness and making sure they are well informed about how to live a healthy lifestyle while being a college student. As I am finishing up my last year as an undergraduate student here at UW, I am focused on fulfilling all of my graduation requirements. I have also begun to look at different options for after I graduate. I currently am unsure of what my next is going to be but am looking forward to the day I figure it out! I am excited I get the opportunity to work along side Rosie, Albert, and all the other wonderful interns!

1459796_10151944526807799_2011858196_n Simon Casson

Year: Junior

Major: International Studies

Fun fact: Really into windsurfing, worked as a lumberjack, and I am the master… of karate and friendship for everyone (It’s always sunny in Philadelphia quote).

I became involved with SHC because I want to combat health related issues that are common at the UW, problems that as a student, I see and experience everyday. I’m personally very interested in global health, and hope to use my many skills gained from the SHC in my future endeavors. After graduating from UW, I hope to pursue a health related career, ideally with some involvement abroad.


Sophie Weingarten

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health/Psychology

Fun Fact: I taught English to middle schoolers in Costa Rica this past summer!

I got involved with the SHC because I believe that access to health and health in general is a basic human right and the most pressing issue to date. Closing this worldwide gap is essential. Someday, I’d like to work in a Spanish-speaking community regarding health education.

The SHC is an entity that works to open up the discourse on health and promotes health-related issues on a local scale. I am lucky to be apart of such an awesome group and can’t wait to see everyone’s programming (and my own!) go through by the end of the year.



Linda Yang

Year: Junior

Major: Microbiology/Anthropology


I am ecstatic to be a part of SHC because I am passionate about achieving health through education, and wanted to work directly with programming to improve general student health and well-being. I wanted to be a part of the effort of striving for a healthier campus − socially, physically, and mentally!

I am interested in infectious disease, public health, global health, and medical anthropology. I am especially excited about understanding socioeconomic determinants of health and the relationships of these factors to health status across borders, and applying this knowledge to health education and preventative medicine. After graduation, I hope to travel the world to study ethnomedicine (alternative medicine) and work with underserved populations before eventually enrolling in medical school. I hope to earn an MD/MPH dual degree and work in community health, with a dream of one day becoming a Professor of Medicine.


Erica Alcantara

Year: Sophomore

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Fun Fact: I started putting together a sticker wall at the beginning of fall quarter and now have over a hundred stickers in my collection!

Hello! I’m Erica, and I’m really interested in genome sciences and dream of one day becoming a doctor specializing in medical genetics. When I’m not sitting in a lecture hall, studying in Allen, or chilling/working in the SHC office, you’ll find me pipetting at a lab bench, volunteering at Seattle Children’s Hospital, or just hanging out with friends and watching the entire Legend of Korra series in one go.

I’m incredibly stoked to be one of the new SHC interns! Last year, I joined ASUW Ambassadors and learned about all the amazing entities of the association, including the Student Health Consortium. As a pre-med student, I was immediately drawn to SHC because of its mission to promote health and wellness to everyone on campus. I wasn’t able to get involved in any SHC events as a freshman though, so I’m very excited to help out on programming and executing events such as the upcoming Everybody Every Body Fashion Show. I’m also really looking forward to working with Rosie, Albert, and all the other lovely and talented members of our family throughout the year!


Aileen Isakharova

Year: Sophomore

Intended Major: Public Health

Fun Fact: I collect Chiquita Banana stickers and have over 60 different designs!

I became involved in SHC because I wanted to help put on events throughout campus, and work on preventative health measures that were both fun and meaningful for students. I believe that small things make a big difference, and by helping people prevent illness and promote a healthy lifestyle, our lives will be that much greater. I believe that laughter is the best medicine, and that is precisely why I cannot for the life of me keep a straight face without cracking a smile.

In my future, I plan on going to graduate school to become a Physical Therapist. My ultimate dream is to become a Physical Therapist and be a high school Assistant Swim Coach in my spare time.


Jamie Mackiewicz

Year: Sophomore









Sharon Pan

Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Health/Biochemistry

Fun Fact: I may be 5’2” but I love boxing! And I’m a lefty.

I have always held a strong interest in health. SHC’s vision is to bring to light the various, interconnected components of health and provide resources for students to become more knowledgeable. I wanted to become a part of the entity that could provide health information for students, helping educate the campus on all aspects of health because health is the fundamental aspect of life.

In my free time, I love playing, writing and listening to music; I’ve played piano and violin for most of my life. I love being active; I even play some sports right handed. Hiking and tennis are my favorite! I am also an amateur fashion designer and make up guru! I love all things artsy. Academically, I am interested in infectious diseases, internal medicine and chronic disease pathology. I hope to continue to pursue these interests in medical school after I graduate.