An Overview of the Student Health Consortium

Welcome to the Student Health Consortium (SHC), created in the spring of 2006 and one of the newest entities of the ASUW. Our purpose is two-fold: to be a meaningful resource to health-oriented student groups (RSOs) and to promote student health and wellness on campus. The SHC strives to connect the many health-related student organizations on campus with each other to encourage communication and collaboration. Our major programming during the year is the Pre-Health Affair in the fall, a social event for pre-health students, the Everybody Every Body Fashion Show in the winter, which promotes body positivity and healthy self-image, and Mental Health Awareness Week in the spring. One of our main goals this year is to integrate social justice and student health and emphasize intersectionality in our programming.

If you have any questions for the director, please email Hamza Hussain at or visit the SHC office in HUB 131J (view office hours here).

Entity Mission

The Student Health Consortium’s mission is to create and promote health and wellness resources through mutual collaboration that benefits the students of the University of Washington. Using student leadership and advocacy for our programming, we aim to support health-oriented registered student organizations to educate and bring awareness to the issues that matter.  We are dedicated to advocating for healthcare that is intersectional and diverse with a desire to aid marginalized and vulnerable populations on and off-campus 

Our Services

As a resource for RSOs, we collaborate with our constituents on event planning and campus advocacy. If you are part of a health-related student organization, you may apply to become a constituent and be able to apply for grants for your events, receive help in advertising and student outreach, utilize ASUW resources, and make connections with other health-related organizations.