An Overview of the Student Health Consortium

Welcome to the Student Health Consortium (SHC), created in the spring of 2006 and one of the newest programs of the ASUW. Its purpose is two-fold: to be a meaningful resource to health-oriented student groups (RSOs) and to promote general health on campus. There are numerous organizations around campus that are health-oriented. The SHC strives to connect these groups as many have overlapping goals in promoting the health and wellness of students and the community.

Entity Mission

The Student Health Consortium’s mission is to promote healthy decision-making and lifestyle choices for University of Washington students through student-lead programming as well as support for health-focused registered student organizations to create collaboration on campus, leading to greater student health education and awareness.

Our Services

As we are dedicated to be a resource for health oriented student groups, we encourage collaboration between groups as well as any event open to all students. RSOs can apply for grants to help put on events, receive help in reaching out to all students involved in health groups, utilize ASUW resources, advertisement ideas, and more. The SHC also has a plethora of volunteer opportunities (you can be a volunteer/model in the Fashion Show, for example) and connections for students of which they can take advantage. Please explore the site and feel free to contact the SHC Director with any questions or ideas at asuwshc@uw.edu.



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