Consortium RSOs

Capillaries Journal


Instagram: @capillariesjournaluw

The purpose of Capillaries Journal to provide the UW community with the opportunity to reflect on their experiences with medicine, healing, illness, and/or grief through prose, poetry, and artwork. Furthermore, this organization aims to support students and the community in their healthcare journeys and promote greater understanding between the sciences and the humanities.

Chicanos and Latinos for Community Medicine


Instagram: @uwccm

CCM is an RSO focused on serving underserved communities and on helping pre-health students during their journeys at UW. We focus on helping pre-health Latinx students during their journey at UW as there is a huge need for Latinx healthcare workers in our communities, but we are open to all pre-health students. We partner with organizations such as Casa Latina and Food LifeLine to help serve local communities in Seattle, and we foster an environment of support within our own CCM community through mentorship and social events. Our typical meetings throughout the quarter include having speakers from different health professions come in, hosting meetings with LMSA and having med students come in, social nights and information nights on volunteering, shadowing or internship/job opportunities.

 Community Health Outreach


Instagram: @uw_cho

CHO is an RSO that focuses on providing volunteer opportunities for pre-health students. We are currently partnered with Lahai Health and Greater Seattle Cares. We aim to inspire and connect students to volunteer in clinics that serve underrepresented communities and make an impact on community health. This RSO allows students to grow, get involved and connect with the community!

Education Transforming Community Health


Instagram: @uwetchseattle

ETCH is a student-led organization whose goal is to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in the U.S., especially Seattle. Through educating ourselves and others about this issue, we hope to foster discussion and change in public health.



Instagram: @globemedatuw

GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people around the world. By educating ourselves on important topics in global health, fostering community both on and off campus and supporting our partner, GlobeMed creates an inclusive environment for all those interested in health. A big part of GlobeMed is fostering collaboration with our partner, based in Odisha, India. We fundraise throughout the year for them, do weekly partnership calls where they teach us how they are managing health within their community, and they run a summer internship that allows students to see how global non-profits work to further health equity in their communities.

Grey Matters Journal


Instagram: @greymattersjournal

Grey Matters’ mission is to enhance public understanding of neuroscience, to encourage greater participation in the scientific community, and to develop skilled science communicators via collaborative publications. Grey Matters envisions itself as a diverse community where students feel empowered to read and understand scientific literature, communicate their findings effectively, and build interpersonal skills through teamwork. Aside from its issues, Grey Matters hosts An Evening with Neuroscience, an event dedicated to bringing neuroscience education for the general public that attracts 500-600 people annually, as well as a journal club run by and for undergraduates to improve scientific literacy.

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students at UW


Instagram: @mapsuw

MAPS at UW is dedicated to fostering a community of underrepresented pre-health students and providing members with knowledge and experiences needed to be socially conscious healthcare professionals.

National Society Black Health Professionals 


Instagram: @nsbhp_

The mission statement of the National Society of Black Healthcare Professionals shall be to create a network of young black health professionals who are able to foster growth, promote academic excellence, enrich the black community and ultimately increase the future number of culturally responsible healthcare professionals.

Neurobiology Club


Instagram: @uwneurobiologyclub

The main purpose for the Neurobiology Club’s existence is to foster a sense of community for undergraduates interested in neuroscience, and to provide resources to allow students access to and involvement in the field. This is achieved as the club makes available publications in neuroscience, exposes students to neuro-scientific researchers and their work, provides mentorship for prospective neurobiology students, and hosts social events to promote neuroscience.

Phi Delta Epsilon WA Chapter


Instagram: @phideuw

We are the first and only co-ed medical fraternity at the University of Washington, Seattle and in the state of Washington. Like many other pre-health groups on campus, we work to appeal to the pre-medical community, but are very different than any other premedical group here at the UW. Members then spend the year planning events, developing their leadership and professional skills, and get the opportunity to work with their fellow “brothers and sisters.” PhiDE is an international organization with a presence in seven countries. Membership offers networking opportunities with medical students and physicians throughout the United States. With the resources and sense of community that PhiDE provides, the national medical school acceptance rate for PhiDE members is around 92%, showing how beneficial this organization is to students.

Project Medicine 


Instagram: @projectmeduw

Project Medicine is an organization that promotes an environment of collaboration for all prospective pre-medical students by bringing together a diverse community with similar interests and goals. We strive to encourage and challenge our members to reach their maximum potential through a dedication to excellence, perseverance, and growth. Regardless of one’s background, we hope to serve as a resource for students on their journey to becoming strong applicants for medical school and future leaders in medicine

Pre-PA Club


Instagram: @uwprepa

The Pre-PA Club at UW is dedicated to providing a safe space for students interested in the PA career path. Our club strives to support, educate, and act as a resource for Pre-PA students during their time at UW. We hold bi-weekly meetings where we provide information and resources about the Pre-PA track and assist students on their journey to becoming a PA.

Synapse @ UW


Instagram: @uwsynapse

Synapse at the UW is a chapter of Synapse National, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the isolation individuals with brain injury often face through the creation of a powerful social support network. Through our chapter’s core values of building community, integrating resources, and educating and raising awareness we strive to improve social care for those in the traumatic brain injury community. Although brain injury is very common, we need much more awareness about what it is, how to prevent it, and what to do when someone has a brain injury. This is accomplished through peer support groups, buddy programs, social events, and student training sessions.

UW Timmy Global Health 


Instagram: @uwtimmy

Timmy Global Health is an international non-profit organization that aims to connect people to primary healthcare. We support community leadership and engage global health advocates in a community oriented primary care model. By weaving local health works, in country partner organizations, and our network of passionate global health advocates together, we build sustainable local healthcare capacity and foster meaningful cultural exchange. We use a community orientated primary care model to support existing healthcare systems. We also engage students and volunteers to impact both our international partner’s work and their local home communities.